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We are happy to establish loyal and stable relationships with valued suppliers and buyers in both NZ and China. We acknowledge all business opportunities.

With effective communication and cooperation, we can achieve the high ground higher than higher. 

Please contact us if:

  • you are a NZ premium FMCG producer or distributor (e.g. foods, wines or personal care goods) with confidence and pride for your products, and willing to expand your sales in China with a population equivalent to 300 times of NZ total population;
  • you would like to purchase our selected NZ premium FMCG products either in NZ or in China;
  • you are a NZ business with mind to import, or just to see whether we can help you to save more costs from our import;
  • you are looking for a reliable manufacturer in China to produce your much loved products, i.e. garments & clothes, automobile parts or hardware;
  • you would like to work with us;
  • you have any enquiries, or any ideas/opportunities pop up in your mind, or just would like to meet and talk to us.

We believe 1 + 1 > 2

How to Contact

Springmax Limited

Head Office

PO Box 106922, Auckland CBD
Auckland 1143, New Zealand
Phone: +64 9 368 1778
Email:  [email protected]

Our mission is to bridge suppliers and buyers, then create & add value.

Contact us via phone or email, or simply send us a quick message via the form below:

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