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What We Do

We Springmax Limited was established in Nov 2005, with head office in Auckland New Zealand, and branches in Qingdao and Guangzhou China.

At Springmax Limited it is our passion to bridge our suppliers and buyers, then create & add value for them. With decent knowledge and experiences within both NZ/AU and China markets, we have been establishing, maintaining and expanding our networks and relationships, to connect our suppliers and buyers on both sides across a wide range of business opportunities, including:

  • NZ Wholesale (NZ/AU premium FMCG in NZ local market)
  • Bulk Exporting (NZ/AU premium FMCG to China)
  • Cross-border E-commerce Sales (NZ/AU FMCG products to China, operating in both direct delivery mode and free trade zone mode)
  • Importing into NZ (from China to New Zealand)
  • Manufacturing to Perfection (via related manufacturing factories in China)

Our Focus Areas:

NZ Wholesale & Bulk Exporting

Premium FMCG in NZ & export

We hold China official food importation and circulation license issued by the government.

Cross-border E-commerce Sales

NZ/AU premium FMCG to China

Our cross-border E-sales operate in both direct delivery mode and free trade zone mode.

Importing into New Zealand

From China to New Zealand

Import quality products at the very best price from China for NZ businesses and consumers.

Manufacturing to Perfection

Clothes, automobile parts, etc.

Our three related OEM factories in China are aim to make your products to perfection.

Some facts to mention:

  • NZ is the first OECD country signed the Free Trade Agreement with China.
  • China has the largest population which is equivalent to 300 times of NZ total population.
  • 100% Pure New Zealand is famous for its clean, green and pure environment, and rigorous food safety standards.
  • China is “The World’s Factory”.
NZ Wholesale, Bulk Exporting, and Cross-border E-commerce Sales

NZ/AU premium FMCG products to China, and NZ local wholesale


We are proud to be in the position to introduce a wide range of NZ/AU premium FMCG products, e.g. high quality NZ/AU foods & wines and personal care products, to our customers in China.

Our products are carefully selected and sourced from local signature producers in New Zealand and Australia. NZ is famous for its clean, green and pure environment, and rigorous food safety standards. New Zealanders are a nation of high integrity and heritage people who make good, clean food in a good, clean environment. With a pure environment, great food safety standards and good people, New Zealand foods and wines can be trusted. Australia has the same reputation in food industry as good as New Zealand.

Our bulk exporting and cross-border e-commerce direct sales cover a wide range of NZ/AU premium FMCG products:

  • NZ/AU fine wines
  • Dairy products
  • Baby formulas
  • Basic baby needs
  • Health supplements
  • Beauty care products

  • Meats
  • Seafoods
  • Fruits
  • Snacks
  • Honey
  • Other NZ/AU premium products

Not to mention, for all these products, we also do wholesale to NZ local customers.

Some famous brands we do include:

Are you a local FMCG producer aims to expand sales in China?

Or, just looking to buy these products either in NZ or in China?


From China to New Zealand


Utilising our deep understanding and extensive experiences over manufacturing industry in China, we are able to import good quality products at the very best price from China for NZ businesses and consumers. Some products we are currently importing include:

  • Packages (cartons, bubble wraps, wine bottles)
  • Furniture (MDF wood furniture, solid wood furniture, glass furniture, wicker furniture)
  • Tyres (Designed and manufactured to New Zealand road conditions)

Looking to import products in order to save more costs?


via related OEM factories in China


“Made in China” = “poor quality”? To be honest, this perception may be still correct in some cases, but not correct at all for our related factories in China. Our three independently managed factories are aim to make products to perfection effectively and efficiently, more importantly using environment friendly energies. We do:

  • Garments and clothes
  • Automobile parts (brake systems, hand brakes, brake pads, brake discs, etc.)
  • Hardware

Looking to a reliable manufacturer (clothes, car parts, hardware)?